Open House Perth 2017 - Event Guide PDF Download

Open House Perth 2017 is this weekend, and if you are like me, you really want to Download a PDF of the Event Guide. I'm sure there will be an updated version on the day printed or on their website - - but when writing this post it wasn't available yet.

This is some great info in the booklet, Here is an exert from the Welcome Page:

""This year we are joined by over 40 new locations which include a mixture of WA icons and amazing homes. As Perth gets larger, blocks seem to get smaller, but our homes seem to get bigger and bigger...

Did you know we now have more bedrooms in WA than we have people? It is a scary statistic! We are bombarded with the message that bigger homes are a better investment - but are they?

This year we have included several homes that show its not about how much space you have, but how you use it. Homes that use reclaimed materials, small blocks and landscaping to make the most of their location, readily available materials and passive design principles. Homes that make good design available to all, and remind us it’s not about the money you spend or the size of the space, but working with what you have to make your vision a reality. This years Open House has so many great destinations to explore we hope you join us in all Perth has to offer this November 11 and 12!""

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