Have your say: More tourist attractions proposed for iconic Cottesloe Beach

Above Image source: PerthNow

We've seen the recent proposals for an ocean water swimming pool off The Cotlesloe Groyne (Above). This exciting proposal seems to be supported from the council and is likely to go ahead.

Originally back in 2014, and again now, a group is proposing for a privately funded Pier-like development at the end of the Cottesloe Groyne (Cottesloe Pier - Below),

Designed by Scanlan Architects, some of its features are;

- An Underwater Observatory to view sea life

- A shark Look-out Tower on top

- A Shark-free-netted swimming area

- A jetty for diving off and swimming into shore and docking drop-ott boats

- A Cafe/Kiosk

- A Function Room

- A Short-Stay 'wedding suite' boutique hotel room in the roof

- Hamptons/Seaside Stying

A public forum, will be held on Wednesday 10 October (Today) at 6pm at the Cottesloe Civic Centre.

For image source, more information and to have your say, see the Cottesloe Pier website Link Here.

With the booming direct London flights in and out of Perth Airport (Paris possibly soon lo be added), Key tourism assets such as the Cottesloe pool are paramount to securing Perth a stop-in tourist destination. However, public comment is needed to guide these developments in the right direction.

With regard to the Pier development, I think it is important that it remains open to the public all sides, and that the private function areas become secondary. In the least, the public pier could slice through the current design to past the western end of the building. I think it is also important that this doesn't have a negative impact on the more important public ocean pool scheme, and instead supports it. I also believe it shouldn't be limited to 1 vendor, to make it a multi-attraction and avoid the 'closed, function in progress signs'. Indiana's Tea House._which is part of the iconic photos of Cottesloe Beach is an example to lake notes from, it would be great if more vendors could be involved in this Indiana building also, so it became a more lively, open and dynamic local public attraction as well as a tourist attraction, it could also have a public lookout.

For image source, more information and to have your say, see the Cottesloe Pier website Link Here.

See Here for Plans

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