Finally something looks to fill the void at the old Subiaco Pavilion Market...

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Blackburne Property Group looks to save the day in Subiaco with a proposal that tries to please local concerns for the once bustling historic site. The proposal effectively keeps the ground floor as a public space and new market, a nod to the old building and its history. Above this will sit 250 apartments over 25 floors to bring locals to extremely convenient location alongside a major train station, various major department stores, and local retail and cafe strip. Part of me would have loved to have see the historic corner facade and a couple of bays either side of the existing market building retained as an external public courtyard, covered in vines and greenery, removing the windows but retaining a screened corner to buffer the busy traffic passing by and pay homage to the history of the site and local's memories. I would also love to see more greenery to the corner, but all in all the new proposal is a big leap forward.

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Blackburne Property Group's proposal for the old Subiaco Pavilion Market Site:

The Old Subiaco Pavilion Market:

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