Are Architect-designed buildings better investments?

Architect-designed buildings are better investments - AIA
"Building a new home or office, or even extending your house, is likely to be the biggest single expenditure you will make. Start by consulting a registered architect. Architect-designed buildings are highly sought-after in a market that is prepared to pay for the benefits and enjoyment of good design.
Architects don't merely design, they create environments, inside and out. Architects produce inspired solutions to often complex residential and commercial needs. Creative thinking, attention to detail and functional performance underpin everything an architect does.
An architect knows how to plan for best environmental performance; can advise about placing the building on your site to optimise views and aspect, to catch the sun, provide shade, promote natural cross-flow ventilation, and reduce and conserve energy.Architect-designed buildings are more energy efficient, cheaper to operate and easier to maintain and adapt."

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