What to look for when choosing a well-designed house or apartment?

This handout produced by WAPC - the West Australian Planning Commission / Design WA focusses on 10 key principles for good design when buying, renting or designing you next home.

10 Key Design Principles:

- Context & Character

- Landscape Quality

- Build Form & Scale

- Functionality and Build Quality

- Sustainability

- Amenity

- Legibility

- Safety

- Community

- Aesthetics

Each page goes through a series of questions to asses your design plans or the home you are looking to move into, rent, invest in or purchase.

The aim of this government produced document is that its guidance will help shape better homes, streets, neighbourhoods and in-turn create a better and more more liable city. Market driven requests from buyers will help shape the design requirements of property developers.

What does the future of Pert, WA look like?

Click and see the images from the magazine below or download the PDF from their website.

Full Documents:

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